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4 thoughts on “My mmxvii in review: Music Part I”

  1. Oh this post is lovely! I’m always eager to discover bands and music, and as I expected since I’ve followed you for a while, we share a lot of common musical interests.

    I saw Árstíðir, Myrkur and Sólstafir in concert, too, when they came to Rennes, in France (where I currently live). I couldn’t believe such awesome bands came to town! Just like you, I would have skipped the show if Myrkur wasn’t part of it. I’ve become a huge Myrkur fan since last year: I didn’t quite grasp her black metal albums, until “Mausoleum”, the acoustic one, really helped me to familiarize myself with her melodies. Since then, I listen to all her albums a lot (and I really like the latest one, “Mareridt”).

    The only other show I went to was Tori Amos at Le Grand Rex, in Paris. I’ve been listening to Tori’s music for ages, and I have already seen her on stage a lot, but this show completely blew up my mind. It is such inspiring and empowering to see a 54-year-old singer-songwriter woman still on stage, and still rocking it.

    I would love to see Emma Ruth Rundle, Chelsea Wolfe, :Of The Wand And The Moon: as well as Trve Widow on stage as well, because I love their music. I will definitely listen to more King Dude and Wardruna music in 2018.

    Thank you again so much for sharing! Can’t wait to read your next posts 🙂

    1. Ah, thanks for your kind reply Kreestal!

      ‘Mausoleum’ is indeed wonderful! Next month Myrkur is playing a folk-only gig here in the Netherlands, I hope to make it there. I love all the instruments she uses, so fascinating. And Tori Amos, wow! It must be amazing to see her love on stage, she has such a fantastic voice. I haven’t listened to Tori’s latest album yet, I’ll add it to the list of music I still have to check out.

  2. Wat luisteren we naar ontzettend veel dezelfde artiesten! ♥ Ik was dit jaar, na een pauze van een paar jaartjes, ook terug op Roadburn. Volgend jaar weer, misschien zie ik je daar? Mijn Lana-tickets zijn ook in the pocket, hehe.

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